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Jonathan grew up in the south of England and studied at Brighton University, graduating in 2006 with a BA(hons) in craft and design.  He is based in Beijing, and has been working in China since 2008, currently as a visual arts teacher at an IB PYP International School. In 2016 Jonathan obtained PGCEI certification  from Nottingham University and an MA in Education in 2020.

As a visual arts teacher in an International school, Jonathan is highly passionate about helping to prepare individuals for life in a 21st century global society by creating opportunities for learners to discover and participate in a broad range of artistic experiences that involve the larger world, the local community and their peers. Through inquiry, discovery and experimentation, learners realize how to express themselves, communicate, form relationships and develop empathy for the world around them.


Jonathan’s painting and photography is heavily influenced by his experiences of living in China and time spent in other countries, the colour and texture of everyday life.  Impermanent moments captured, human interactions recollected, reorganized, and re-discovered.

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