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Silent Art Auction

Organizing a fundraising art auction, was a fantastic opportunity for students to experience and develop their understanding of what is involved in coordinating such an event, and for them to exhibit their artwork to the school and local community.  

 All funds raised in the auctioning of students’ artworks enabled a local Migrant school to install a modern electric heating system, improve their school facilities, and the learning environment of the children of Beijing’s migrant workforce.

Supporters and guests had the opportunity to bid for original artworks.  Items largely consisted of artworks created by our talented student artists, but also donations from our creative faculty members, and parents. Donations included photography, prints, sculpture, painting, and handcrafts.

Dance and Music departments provided entertainment, with faculty members and students also volunteering their time to provide refreshments. The support of the school’s hardworking PTA was also essential to the success of the event, which raised over 60,000CNY (9,000USD), far surpassing our targets and expectations.

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